Hi Grace,
I hope you and your family are well.  I've been meaning to send you an email with pictures of Bella for a long time but just never sat down to do it until now.  She's absolutely wonderful and we are so lucky to have her.
We scheduled a photo session last year with Amanda Jones when she came to Atlanta.  If you are familiar with "The Bark" magazine, you may have seen some of her photographs.  She really captured Bella's personality and told us that Bella is a natural.  We were so proud of her.  She behaved perfectly during the 1 1/2 hour photo shoot. ...The other is the 2011 Doodle Country calendar pictures.  Do you recognize Miss February?
We joined WolfBrook Dog Club and Park so we have someplace to let Bella run and get some exercise other than her daily walks.  She just loves to run and never seems to tire of chasing a ball.  We meet all sizes and breeds of dogs (and their people) and Bella has made many friends.  We just made a reservation at Barkwells in North Carolina (close to Asheville) for 3 nights in April.  It should be a lot of fun for all three of us!
I've been dropping hints to Paul about another dog and, when I checked your website recently and saw the litters due in March and April, that was it!  I know your lists fill up quickly but is there still room for us on Cheerie's wait list?  We are interested in a parchment or cream color male.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  We will stay in touch and maybe see you soon?
Maureen, Paul & Bella

Side note:  They bought Leo!

Our guardian family for Sadie:
My girl Sadie
My famous last words to my wife were: “I don’t need a puppy!”   Now, there are nose prints on the dining room windows, the foyer door side lights, and the back door as Sadie checks to see when we are coming home.  She absolutely adores my wife Patty and after she is finished adoring her, she shares her adoration for me. I was completely disarmed when Sadie slipped into my life when I wasn’t looking.  She is a pain, a nuisance, and trouble personified, spelled with a capital ‘T’ and I love her to death.  How can you not love someone that absolutely adores you?  I owe all of this to the owners of Green Gables who take great pride, and responsibility in making sure their Labradoodles are bred with the same care as the original breeders at Rutland Manor.
Thank you, Grace & Carl for keeping true to the  breeding of such a gentle, loving, and vibrant breed of Labradoodle.  My girl, Sadie thanks you too.
B. M.

Oh, what a life we live!

We could go on and on with the testimonials as we receive updates continuously.  Our clients are willing to let you contact them for reference.
Our puppies are across the USA and into Canada.  They are loved and they bring tremendous pleasure to their families.
We hope that you will be able to experience a Green Gable Labradoodle first hand.
We have chocolates, creams, cafe au laits, parchments, apricot creams, apricots, and blacks.

Hi, Grace -- Jonathan was an angel going home yesterday. We stopped to let him "wee" four times, but he only went twice. The rest of the time he was SO good! He slept in his carrier or was on Bob's lap while I drove and he couldn't have been better. We were expecting more crying and barking, but he hardly complained at all. When we got home, we took him all around the house and let him explore. He didn't react at all to our cat, but she took off and headed under the bed when she saw him, and has been there ever since.
He cried a bit when we put him in his crate when we went to bed (it's in our bedroom), so I put some soft music on and he quieted down almost immediately. He woke us up at 3AM barking, so I got up and took him outside. He ran around a bit and played, but then squatted and peed. There wasn't too much crying when we put him back in his crate with more soft music. Then two hours later, he was barking again, so we got up and took him outside again, but he didn't have to go -- just wanted to play and run around. We aren't sure if we should get up overnight and take him out or not. We don't want to train him to bark in order to get out of his crate, but we didn't want him to have an accident in the crate. What do you recommend?
This morning, he did a "poopy" in the house (fortunately, we have tile floors), and again later when I took him outside. He got massive "atta boys" when he went outside each time, plus a treat.
He did an amazing thing about an hour ago -- he was in the kitchen with us, just lying at Bob's feet. Then he got up and walked into the hall and Bob went after him to bring him back to the kitchen because we don't want him out of our sight when he's not in his crate. He got up a second time and walked down the hall and sat in front of the door. This time Bob opened the door and Jonathan ran out and promptly peed in the grass -- no frolicking or playing -- right down to business. We were dumbstruck!! I can hardly imagine he knows already to go to the door, but there didn't seem to be much doubt this morning. His actions were very deliberate. I'll let you know if this happens again.

We are both in love with this puppy already. He is such a joy to watch. When it's time for him to eat, he's so excited and distracted by everything around him, he forgets to eat and just runs around smelling and sniffing, then goes back to his dish for another bite, more running around, then another bite, etc. He's so funny when he drinks water! Sloshing around with his face in the dish, then off across the kitchen to investigate something while water is running off his face. I probably sound like an idiot going on like this about a puppy, but he is so adorable! He doesn't seem to be the least bit afraid or shy or wary of his surroundings. It's like he has full trust in us already. He got a quick bath this morning and was an angel. I think he actually enjoyed it. We were careful not to get him in standing water because of his stitches, the picked him up in a big fluffy towel and held him and he loved it.
We'll keep you updated about our bundle of joy. 

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 5:46 PM, Lorna G.<..edu> wrote:
Hi, Grace - we've had Maddie (aka Priscilla) just over a year now and we wanted to let you know how much we love having her. She's a wonderful dog - smart, affectionate, loves going out for walks. We took her for training at the local animal hospital/shelter shortly after we got her and she's good at the basics: sit, down, stay, come etc.  She has a number of dog-friends in our neighbourhood and we walk at the pond and arboretum near our house.  For the holidays, I got her a "green dog" tag, which allows her to run off-leash at some local fenced in dog-parks, which she's been enjoying tremendously.  Thanks again for such a wonderful dog.  - Lorna G

"MURPHY"  Dear Grace and Carl,
I just wanted to thank you again for Murphy...he is such a wonderful boy!  After having terriers my whole life, his mellow personality is so refreshing.  Everyone who meets him is amazed that he is only nine months old because he's such a gentleman.  He whizzed through puppy class, and he impressed his groomer so much that she gave me a pamphlet about a local service dog program that she thought he'd be a great match for.  He has definitely lived up to every claim of the breed and I couldn't be happier!

Beth L



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We receive terrific letters on a regular basis.  They are so much fun to read!

"Sitting pretty!"


"We purchased Dorothy three years ago from Green Gables and couldn't be happier. She has a great personality - rather goofy and playful. Whenever we walk her, people always remark how soft her fur is. Even our groomer mentioned that she's the softest Labradoodle he's ever seen. Her personality is just so loving and docile, the perfect combination for a furry friend. The non-shedding fur is awesome, and we're thinking about getting her therapy dog trained in the near future." E. W. H.

Dear Grace and George,
Whiskey is doing amazing! We are so happy to have him with us- he is the sweetest and most special furry family member we could have ever asked for. He is also the best student in his obedience class, and he has many puppy friends and people friends that love him.  
I am attaching a few pictures of  Whiskey and us. Fell free to choose a few and put them on your website (you can use are names: Tamar and Max). Max and I will write you a letter of reference and send it to you in the next couple of days. Good luck with your new website!
Wishing you a wonderful holiday,
Tamar and Max


"Just got back from the Vets.  She was impressed with Zobee. She loved that he was crate trained, neutered, and so healthy. He didn't get sick on the way there nor back. He is amazing. He didn't cry at all last night and has not made a single mistake since he has been here. He is good on the leash. Wow, what a difference from our last dog who we loved but she was a challenge. Thanks Stan, Donna and Super-Dog "Zobee"

Report from Green Gables Lil Miss Dublin’s forever home -
Grace -
She is AMAZING!!!!!  So true.  She sleeps thru the night, she goes "busy" outside (not even one tiny little accident), she loves her food, Lets me brush her and is the sweetest natured little love bug ever.  We are head over heels crazy about this dog!!!
She was so well behaved at the Vet where she got an A+++ rating as well as her breeder for taking such good care of her, spay, shots, chip and all. Bravo!!!! We are so happy!!  Many many thanks.  Will keep you posted about the progress of our super genius beautiful little Labradoodle!

Pam W