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Australian Labradoodles puppies

Coats and Colors tab  -  shows how chocolate dogs' can/will turn colors.  Most chocolate Australian Labradoodles puppies do not stay chocolate/brown.  Colors can go from chocolate puppy to different shades like the three pups to its right.  We have found that after they have turned lighter, the longer their coats gets the darker they become.  All our dogs produce

non shedding coats.


Below are Truffles' and Bentley's puppies born on Mar 24th.  These pictures of the two that are available. - chocolate/cafe female and cream male.  They will be small medium when grown.  They are ready to go to their new homes.  Spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, all age appropriate vaccines and de-wormings.  Click on pictures of puppies to enlarge!

Chocolate Puppies can turn lighter and some much lighter! The dogs below were all born chocolate much like the one on the left!

Summer in her sport cut

non shedding, wavy fleece

Beau on the move

non-shedding, wavy fleece


​Standard~~~6'3" man~~~Lg. Medium~~~Sm Medium

Rolex - Non Shedding Spiral Fleece 50lbs Standard -

ALCA #:  C061-04042010-003-D

Betsy aka Copper - Non Shedding Wavy Fleece Sport Coat Medium ,  ALCA #  C091-07042016-037-LB1​

Rolex - standard -

non shedding spiral fleece

Summer's and Beau's puppies

Born May 28, 2019 - 2 females, 5 males

Mediums and Standards

Green Gables Summer Delight of BHC

ALCA #  C091-08212017-044-LB1  

Green Gables Sir Beauregard Atticus of SCDA

ALCA #  C091-01062017-040-LD1

Carl is with

Rutland's Delilah - Standard

Chicago's Hershey Bar Kid - Lg. Medium

Green Gables Lil Miss Noelle - Small Medium


See Green Gables Lil Miss Holly of CHBK and

Green Gables Lil Miss Heidi - Mediums

on "Our Labradoodles" page.

Australian Labradoodle Puppies Available

Green Gables Cheerie Delight of CHBK



Charter Breeder Member and Board Member

Australian Labradoodles are loves

and they are non shedding

and allergy friendly!


!!!  A great way for a new breeder to get started:  We have a tested and tried breeder for sale.  Please contact us  She is ready for you !!!

Reserve your puppy now in our Summer 2019 litter!

~~~~~~~~~~~~Standard and Large Medium Litter ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Puppies born Feb. 27th.  Reservation List almost full.  "C" = Copper, ### = last three digits of its microchip, "M" = Male or "F" = Female.  Click on picture and it will enlarge

These standard male puppies are available because someone had to wait. C837M is a pound and 1/2 lighter than C337M

Log Cabin's Sir Bentley - 29lbs

Chocolate/Cafe au lait

ALCA Reg #:


Our new grandbaby girl - born 03-01-19

Australian Labradoodle Club of America




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Copper - medium - non shedding wavy fleece

Our helper was here with us and she loves the puppies!  She had pictures with each puppy!

Picture with all chocolates - females    Picture with chocolates and cream - males

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Green Gables Lil Miss Truffles of PSP - 22lbs

Chocolate/Cafe au lait

ALCA Reg. #


These two - G and Grandpapa - are a terrific team!

Lucy and Gus live in Simpsonville SC

Cream male


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