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Carl and his sweet fluffy gals!

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​​Green Gables' Guys - Stud Service Available

Green Gables Sir Clancy

ALCA # C091-05/28/2019-4234-M

Wavy Fleece - Standard


Australian Labradoodle Gene Pool:  Photos Courtesy of Rutland Manor, Chicago's Labradoodles, Green Gables Labradoodles, Rivermist Labradoodles - Thank you Beverley Manners and Shauna Wellman and Connie King

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Our Australian Labradoodle Breeders and their

Phenomenal Gene Pool

Short coat

#Authentic Australian Labradoodles

Green Gables Lil Miss Marmalade of LCSB

ALCA# C091-09/10/2020-4247-F​

​Mini - 16" and 24lbs

Gorgeous Wavy Fleece

puppy cut

Manor Lake Rolex Infinity


ALCA Reg #  C061-04042010-003-D

Cream Spiral Fleece

Green Gables Labradoodles - East Coast - South Carolina - Grace George

​​​​​​​​​​Green Gables Missy Raleigh of GGSBA

ALCA #  C091-05282019-055-LB1

Magnificent Wavy Fleece - in sport cut




Green Gables Summer Twilight of BHC

ALCA #  C091-08212017-044-LB1

Magnificent non shedding wavy fleece coat -like velvet

Summer Cut - Standard

Tan River Pebble and Grass Yards for Play and Racing

They love playing in the rain and they don't get muddy! 

Standard - Medium - Small Medium

Green Gables Labradoodles - East Coast - South Carolina - Grace George Labradoodle Breeders Georgia - Tennessee - North Carolina

Green Gables Lil Miss Truffles of PSP

ALCA #:   C091-09072016-039-LB1

Mini at 22lbs - Magnificent Wavy Fleece Full and Sport Cut

Chicago's Hershey Bar Kid's granddaughter

Retiring after January '22 litter

Green Gables' Gals -

Green Gables Phenomenal Australian Labradoodle Gene Pool


Australian Labradoodle Club of America

Green Gables Lil Miss Trifle of LCSB

Mini - 15" and 22lbs.

ALCA# C091-09-10-2020-4248-F

Adorable gal.  Excellent hips and passed all tests.

Trifle is a breeder and for Sale as a breeder.

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​​Australian Labradoodle Club of America - Breed Standard - Sizes

STANDARD: 21" TO 24" The "Ideal" size for a standard female is 21 to 23 inches and for a male 22 to 24 inches.

Weight range tends to be 50 to 65 pounds.

MEDIUM: 17" TO 20" The "Ideal" size for a medium female is 17 to 19 inches and for a male 19 to 20 inches.

Weight range tends to be 30 to 40 pounds.

MINIATURE: 14"TO 16" The "Ideal" size for a miniature is 14 to 16 inches with no correlation between height

and sex of the miniature Australian Labradoodle.  Weight range tends to be 16 to 25 pounds.