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South Carolina's 1st AuthenticAustralian Labradoodle Breeder- Established - 2006        Phone:  864-230-9465

About Us

Our new grandbaby girl - born 03-01-19

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Who We Are:
We are two people who love our dogs.  We, also, happen to love our six children!  We wanted them to have the opportunity to be influenced by our wonderful fleecy friends.
We bred quality AKC Golden Retrievers with fabulous pedigrees for twenty-four years. Ours was on a small and elite scale. We loved them and enjoyed their beauty and their temperament.  We always wanted a smart, beautiful in confirmation and color, desiring to please, family dog. We had that.
Our challenge became more and more noticeable with Carl’s allergies. We could not have them in our home because of this. We wanted our dogs in our home.
In February or March of 2006 we saw the National Geographic presentation on TV of Beverley Manners and her Authentic Australian Labradoodles and the research center at Rutland Manor in Australia. We then saw another presentation of what she has accomplished in the last twenty years on Animal Planet.
I had been researching on the AKC website, the non allergic dogs. They all had their pluses but the minuses were the things that caught me. I then did serious study into the Authentic Australian Labradoodle.
After a period of time in telephoning and emailing so many different breeders of so called Labradoodles, we decided to invest in a Rutland Australian Labradoodle. The team at Rutland Manor handled all of our questions with a gracious manner and were quick to respond to our emails. Rutland’s application was comprehensive and we were able to achieve our desires with our Del. She could not be a better dog for us. My husband can have her in the bedroom with us with no allergy affects. We are thrilled!
Our dogs and their pups are truly Authentic Australian Labradoodles with the finest research and development behind them. The Labradoodles we breed are and will be multi generational. Thank you for visiting us!
These are a few pictures that let you have a glimpse into our lives apart from our puppies.
We are very blessed and we thank God for all He has done for us.