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Green Gables Sir Wrigley S.  getting to be held by Violet for the first time!

Pure happiness!

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Green Gables Sir Hatcher B. with his new mistress.  Is she excited, or what!

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Labradoodle puppies


Labradoodle puppies

Green Gables Labradoodles Puppies - East Coast - South Carolina - Grace George

ALCA Breeder Member and Board Member

Please feel free to call:  864-230-9465

We are available from 12 noon to 9pm.

Our pet Australian Labradoodle puppies prices are the same for males or females - $3,500.00.
Please contact me if you are interested in a breeding puppy.
All reservations are on a first come first served basis
secured with a $500.00 deposit.  This amount is then deducted from the purchase price. You can use PayPal,  or use PayPal for a visa or master card to pay the deposit, or wire transfer.  All deposits and booking fees are non-refundable but can always be moved to a later litter of your choice.
 Once your deposit is received you will be placed on a waiting list for your desired litter. We will contact you once the puppies are born and begin emailing pictures. If there is not a puppy for you in your desired litter, you will be contacted and your deposit moves to next available.  Full payment for your Labradoodle puppy is due when you receive your contract when your puppy is about 7.5 wks old.

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