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Just as humans have a varying amount of curl or wave in their hair, so do the Fleece coats. I would like to see broader staples, but this is still a Wavy Fleece coat because she is a mature adult and there are still no spirals or curls and the coat is draping in wavy staples. As the breed progresses my vision is for the amount of curl or wave in the Fleece coats to become stabilized.

                                          CURLY FLEECE COAT – Trimmed

This captivating photo illustrates how the better quality Curly Fleece coat when clipped, still retains its soft fluffy curl but isn’t as tightly curled as the Wool Coat. “Pi” is an Apricot Cream which is a rich golden cream color with Apricot colored ears and sometimes a band of rich apricot down the back line


Chocolates in the Australian Labradoodle breed generally turn to a cafe au lait or parchment

You can see the chocolate puppy, dark cafe, light cafe, and a parchment that has lavender hues.

On the above left is a perfect Wavy Fleece coat on a four months old puppy. No matter how many times this coat would be clipped it will never revert to a tightly curled coat. Notice the width of the staples which are even and broad.  All the above pups were born chocolate.

True Red is quite rare. Most puppies who start out being a deep red color will pale out with maturity to either an Apricot or even Golden Cream.

                                                   TRUE RED WAVY FLEECE

The Wavy Fleece coat should be the same even length on body tail head and legs. The face should be trimmed to open up the face and show the dog’s eyes.


The ‘wider’ staple in the Wavy Fleece can be easily seen in this photograph when compared to the photo of the Curly or Spiral Fleece. When the dog moves her coat flows and ripples with her as she runs.

                                            FACE OF A WOOL - Apricot/Red

Sometimes called a ‘Spiral’ Fleece, they start out with long usually fine spiral tendrils which are very beautiful. But as they mature and especially after they are clipped short, they grow back just the same as the Wool Coat.

WAVY FLEECE - Parchment Color

 WOOL COAT - Chalk/Cream

This color has a black nose and dark brown eyes. Wool coats need to be trimmed or clipped two or three times a year to keep them tidy and to prevent matting. They grow in a circular curl shape after clipping. The difference between the Wool and the Fleece is that the Wavy Fleece coat drapes and flows when the dog moves, whereas the Wool coat keeps its neat shape in movement. Incorrectly bred Wavy Fleece coats can still tend to shed lightly and may or may not be allergy friendly. But if the lines behind the dog are correctly blended the Wavy Fleece coat is as allergy friendly and completely non shedding as the Wool coat.

                                                             SPIRAL FLEECE – Parchment Color

As we strove towards a more consistent coat type without losing the allergy friendliness or non shedding qualities of the Wool, a new type emerged which was somewhere in the middle of a hair and a wool coat. The founders named it a ‘Borderline’ coat because it was an exciting breakthrough that departed from the Poodle wool to a more draping flowing coat but wasn’t ‘quite’ the Fleece that we were striving for. The Borderline coat looked beautiful, but it was basically a more glamorous looking hair coat, so it usually shed and was not always allergy friendly.


The following is courtesy of Rutland Manor, Australia
PICTURED IS THE FIRST LITTER OF F1 Labradoodle(Poodle x Labrador) born in the Czech Republic.

These show the “Labrador” coat that was common in the first generation dogs – F1′s. Sometimes the F1 litters had part ‘Labrador’ coats and part “Poodle’ coats and often something in between, which looked rather like an Irish Wolfhound. All except the Wool shed heavily and were not often allergy friendly. As the Fleece coat was developed, two types of Fleece emerged and still exist today, the Curly Fleece and the Wavy Fleece. My own vision for the ultimate coat is the Wavy Fleece and more and more of these are appearing in each litter as this is written in 2010.

Coats, Colors and Sizesand A Bit of History (Sizes of three of our Labradoodle are on the bottom.) 


Sizes:  Standard - Silver charcoal, Large Medium - Chocolate,  Large Mini or Small Medium - cafe

Rutlands Delilah - Standard,  Chicago's Hershey Bar Kid - Large Medium, Green Gables Lil Miss Noel of CHBK - large mini or small medium.

Conformation for an Australian Labradoodle


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