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As Labradoodle breeders, Green Gables' mission is simple: To produce the best Australian Labradoodles we can - love and care for each of our puppies and dogs  - good food, exercise, shelter - in and outside, grooming, and breeding the best dams and sires.  Green Gables South Carolina - Grace George - East Coast

Our Mission

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As premier Labradoodle breeders of authentic Australian Labradoodles, we have carefully chosen sires and dams with consistent personality traits, coats that are non-shedding and consistent looks that conform to the breed standard.   We are thrilled with the quality puppies we are producing.  Our site has many pictures of Labradoodles and their colors and coat types.
These intelligent, intuitive and gentle authentic Australian Labradoodles make excellent companions and come to you well socialized and happy.
These Labradoodles have been bred to be therapy and service companions and great family dogs. Through careful selective breeding ours are consistently non-shedding and have allergy friendly coats. These beautiful animals are very intelligent, non-aggressive and easy to train.
Green Gables Labrado
odle puppies are born in our home on our five plus acre mini-ranch in South Carolina.  Our puppies are on the East Coast and though out the USA.
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We have puppies!

Board Member - Health Coordinator

Green Gables Lil Miss Rylee


Whispering Winds Ruskin Litter

Green Gables' Australian Labradoodle walks on Water!

Green Gables Nicoletta's


Rivermist Burton - Litter

Green Gables South Carolina - Grace George - East Coast Labradoodle Breeders

Mac and Dan lovin' life!

Maddie at M.I.T

Hudson W.  loving the snow!

Fast asleep with my brothers!

I'm just 2 1/2 weeks old!

So that's mud!

"Fun" is what I am!

Green Gables Labradoodles - East Coast - South Carolina - Grace George - Labradoodles for Sale

I am ready for my new home!