Authentic Australian Labradoodles are awesome! Australian labradoodles puppies labradoodle puppies


Green Gables Summer Twilight - Wavy Fleece -


​Standard~~~6'3" man~~~Lg. Medium~~~Sm Medium

Reserve now for puppies coming in the Fall

Carl is with

Rutland's Delilah - Standard, gave us wonderful Australian Labradoodle puppies

Chicago's Hershey Bar Kid - Lg. Medium - gave us Australian Labradoodle puppies

Green Gables Lil Miss Noelle - Small Medium


See Green Gables Lil Miss Holly of CHBK and

Green Gables Lil Miss Heidi - Mediums

on "Our Labradoodles" page.

Small mediums and maybe a mini

Shown here in summer cuts - non shedding wavy fleece coat - Truffles, 22lbs

Non shedding curly fleece - Bentley, 29lbs


These two - G and Grandpapa - are a terrific team in loving our Australian Labradoodle Puppies!


Green Gables Lil Miss Truffles - Wavy Fleece

Green Gables Australian Labradoodles - East Coast - South Carolina - Grace George Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Charter Breeder Member and Board Member - The health and development of the Australian Labradoodle puppies are our focus.

Australian Labradoodle Puppies are loves

Australian Labradoodle puppies are non shedding

Australian Labradoodle puppies are allergy friendly!


Non Shedding

Wavy Fleece

Shown here in

summer cuts

Coal - 70lbs

Summer 55lbs

This litter may be coming in November

and ready for their new homes in January.

Last time with a cream mommy, Coal's puppies came in several colors - apricot cream, chocolate, cream and platinum.

Green Gables Carbon Coal

- Wavy Fleece -

!!!  A great way for a new breeder to get started with Australian Labradoodles:  We have a tested and tried breeder for sale!!!

Reserve now for puppies coming in the Fall - Small Mediums and Standards

Sm. Mediums -Truffles litter

Standard - Summer's litter

Our helper was here with us and she loves the puppies!  She had pictures with each puppy!

Picture with all chocolates - females    Picture with chocolates and cream - males

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These two will honeymoon next week! July 9th!


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Parents of the Fall Litters





The puppies below are sold.  Love the colors!

Log Cabin's Sir Bentley - Curly Fleece